Key Features

  • Skin Anatomy & Physiology

    What's happening within your skin? How does your skin work and what can you do to help it stay it's healthiest without toxic chemicals.

  • Plant Powered Treatments

    From vegetables and fruits to ancient herbal remedies. We break down the chemical make up of each plant to learn how we can apply it to the skin.

  • Nutrition

    Creating a daily nutritional diet that aims to heal common skin complaints from internally increasing sun protection to skin hydration.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    A guide to understanding the labels of natural cosmetics.
    • Introduction to Lessons
    • Mini Lesson 1: Natural Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 2: Organic Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 3: Green Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 4: Non Toxic Clean Beauty Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 5: Vegan Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 6: Ethical and Cruelty Free Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 7: Gluten -Free Skin Care
    • Mini Lesson 8: Sustainable Skin Care

A Course In Natural Beauty Miracles

A curriculum to assist beauty professionals and novices in achieving beauty through holistic practices.